Carpet Tile

Modular carpet tile comes in a variety of sizes, can be installed in numerous directions and carries along with it an array of benefits.

First off, in the event of your carpet being stained or damaged, carpet tile when compared to broadloom, allows you to repair certain areas of your floor without having to replace the entire room.

Secondly, when considering the cost of carpet tile vs broadloom, carpet tile can be a more cost effective alternative as it allows you to order a more exact amount of material for your space where as when ordering broadloom, you run the risk of wasting carpet.

Lastly, carpet tile as a general rule gives you more flexibility with unique patterns and colors you might not be able to find with broadloom carpet.

Whether your decorating your office space, a new classroom or replacing the hallway carpet in your multi-family building, modular carpet can be a professional and luxurious update that will last you through the years.